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1955 Chevy Bel Air cake and Communion Cake

I did  two special projects lately and want to share them.  Last week I did a 1955 Chevy Bel Air Car Cake for my husband's birthday.  He loves all vintage cars but he is specially in love with the 1955 Chevy Bel Air in Canary Yellow and White colors....

Today I completed a 4 tier communion cake for a very special boy.  I remember attending his baptism.  I didn't make c akes then but maybe one day I can make his Wedding cake.  His family is very dear to my family.  They seemed to enjoy it and I hope you do also!

Although, two very different looks and styles, I wanted to write about both because they were very special projects!


Baby Shower cake

I did a baby shower cake and I love the way it looks.  Here's the invitation next to it and you can see where the ideas came from.  A lot of credit of the design goes out to the person asking for the cake.  She is the same person that asked for the basket full of vegetables.  She has awesome ideas and I'm glad I can turn them into cake!  I did the sheep following Lorraine McKay's tutorial.  An amazing cake decorator from England.  I hope you like it!


Class With Betty VanNorstrand

Yesterday, I had a class with Betty VanNorstrand, what a talented/sweet woman she is.  We had a great time.  Here's the butterfly and the bee!




Well, I agreed to do a nutcracker cake and I'm not sure I'm ready for this challenging task.  I'm posting a picture of the structure!  This monster measures a little over 3 feet!  Let's hope it's not my first cake disaster story!



The nutcracker cake is finally done.  Although, there a things I would like to have done differently and I will next time, this cake turned out OK for a beginner like me.   This cake measures 42" from base to top.  You are probably wondering why I'm doing a Christmas cake in March.  This cake was for a family friend's birthday.  This birthday boy has a collection of over 150 nutcrackers at Christmas
time in his home.  His nutcrackers range from 1 inch  to 6 feet  tall.  A big special thank you to my loving husband whom built the structure, airbrushed most of the cake and watched the kids while I worked on the cake!  I hope you like it!



A Garden Full of Vegetables / Coach Purse

I did a coach cake (with the new coach logo) for a very specials Birthday girl.  Her name is Solange and she designs beautiful jelwery.  Check it out at  I also did a basket full of vegetables for a very special Nonna.  They were challenging and a lot of work but the final product is very rewarding!


My best cake to date

Saturday I attended a handbag class with Chef Janet Ben-Ami.  I loved the class.  Chef Janet is an amazing teacher and an amazing chef.  I love her! 

This Juicy couture handbag cake was my best cake to date.  I'm usually critical of my work and I would have done the key chain differently but I have to admit that I impressed myself with this one.  Love it! 

I gave the cake to a very special Birthday Girl! 

I wish I had more time to practice but I have some cakes coming up for family and friends that will force me to do just that!


Sugar Flowers with Jennifer Dontz

This weekend I had the most amazing sugar class since I started.  Jennifer Dontz taught us how to do the moth orchid, the cymbidium orchid, the gerbera daisy, hypericum berry spray, a bittersweet berry spray and the casablanca lily.  I had a wonderful time with great cake artists.  I learned to make the most wonderful sugar flowers.  If you think they look real in the pictures, you should see them in person.  I was born to do sugar flowers!


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