About Me



As a little girl growing up in Spain, I never imagined that one day I would find so much joy living in the United States creating delicious cakes for the most special occasions in peoples lives.

How could I have known then that the Wilton courses I began taking as an escape for some "me time" after the birth of my second child, would become the creative outlet I had been searching for since majoring in art in high school?

Completing those courses spurred me on to study with some of the most talented cake decorators in the country, including Toba Garrett, Ashley Vicos, Pat Jacoby, Ruth Drennan, Jennifer Dontz, Vanessa Greeley, Janet Ben-Ami, Anne Heap, Lorraine McKay, Betty Van Norstrand and Michelle Bommarito and inspired me to become an active member of ICES and the New York Cake Decorators group. More importantly, it gave me the skills and confidence to strike out on my own.

Whether you want something designed especially for you incorporating ideas from your invitations, theme, colors, or venue, or you have a design in mind already, together we can design your dream cake for your upcoming wedding, anniversary, birthday, shower, or other special event. My goal is to understand your vision and turn it into a work of art.